An End to Predatory Lending.

Cryptocurrency meets inclusive economics. The Digital Reserve Network enables peer-to-peer payments, sustainable lending, and collateral free borrowing. How? A new cryptocurrency – Denarii.

What is the DRN?

The Digital Reserve Network (DRN)  is an open source peer-to-peer payment and lending network protocol that uses its own cryptocurrency – Denarii. 

The DRN Protocol is designed to create a sustainable model for financial inclusion while producing economic incentives for network stakeholders.

The DRN aims to incentivize financial literacy through learning-based rewards and the elimination of predatory lending practices within the network.

How it Works


Send Money Instantly Using the Latest In Distributed Ledger Technology

The DRN is a secure, scalable and decentralized BlockDAG goverened by a responsive monetary overseer: the Denarii Protocol. The DRN is focused on supporting a future-oriented high velocity economy                                                                   

A Better Way to Borrow. You control the terms.

We eliminate predatory lending practices. The DRN features an inclusive marketplace for the uncollateralized lending of Denarii. Any verified user can submit a bid for a Denarii loan based on personal preference and risk tolerance. Timely repayments improve a borrowers DRN credit reputation and increase borrowing limits.

Become a Minter. Earn Denarii. Empower others by securing the network and validating transactions.

The DRN protocol builds its Denarii reserves for loans with the network fees paid by minters. Minters earn Denarii by securing the network, validating transactions and, potentially,  earning interest on Denarii loans from the lending pool. Anybody can mint.

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